As an alternative to commercial flight and train journeys company Private Hire Slovakia offers the possibility to transport from one city to another (point-to-point transfers) , giving special flat rates for intercity transport. City Transfer Bratislava 

Through professional drivers and our vehicles to safely and reliably transport you from place to place, right where you need it.City Transfer Bratislava 

To your destination we will be carried safely, efficiently and professionally up. 

From one hotel to another, from one destination to another – travel comfortable and relaxed. We are transporting you from one place to another while maximizing your most valuable asset … your time.

Bratislava is the largest city in Slovakia with population with over 450 000 inhabitants. The city has very pleasant medieval inner city with narrow, winding streets, castles, many historic churches and buildings to visit. Move further east and there are plenty of rural places to explore. Farms, vineyards, agricultural land and tiny villages are situated less than 50 km to the north and east of Bratislava.
Today Bratislava and it’s surroundings from the second most prosperous region in Central and Eastern Europe. Bratislava is a home of a world famous Philharmonic Orchestra, so if you love classical music this is a must visit place. Apart of that, theres a Slovak National Theatre which offers a wide range of ballet, opera and theatre performance. For museum goers, Bratislava is a place to go with some bigger and small museums around town.
Bratislava to Vienna and Bratislava to Budapest are some of the popular transfer destinations from Bratislava airport.